frequently asked questions

When is CelebrateErie?
CelebrateErie is Aug. 16-19, 2018.

Where is CelebrateErie?
CelebrateErie is located in Downtown Erie, Pa., on State St. between 4th and 9th streets.

Where do I get tickets? How much?
CelebrateErie is completely FREE and open to the public. There are no admission fees for music or other festival programming.

Where can I find handicapped parking?
Handicapped parking is available on the north side of W. 7th St. between State St. and Peach St. and also on the first floor of the parking garage at W. 7th St. and Peach St.

What time do the Highmark Mainstage acts start?
Openers go on at 5:30 p.m. and headliners will start at 8:00 p.m. daily.

Is this a family-friendly event?
Yes! We welcome friends and family of all ages! CelebrateErie 2018 is located in the heart of downtown Erie and there is something fun for everyone to enjoy! Local art, food, retail, music, business, and even a KidZone!

What was the criteria for vendor and performer selection this year?
We received an overwhelming amount of applications this year from talented local vendors and performers. All vendor selections were objectively chosen based on criteria including the CelebrateErie committee’s all-local vision, date of application submission, diversity and event fit. Making these selections was not an easy process and we hope you apply again for next year’s festival. Our team did our best to balance diversity and avoid overlap of vendors and performances genres. CelebrateErie’s goal is to put together an event that is uniquely Erie celebrating the local art, food, business, music and culture.

I’m a vendor and have a specific question. Who can I contact?
Please give a call or send an email with your name, contact information, and your question to your District Director:

Food & Beverage Director: Emily Smicker (814) 636-0031 |

Business District: Emily Smicker (814) 636-0031 |

Multicultural Marketplace: Breanna Adams (814) 636-1267 |

KidsZone & Artist Alley: Shawn & Almi Clerkin (814) 813-1619 |

Can I bring my dog?
Due to the level of activity and thousands of people that come through the event each year and activity, CelebrateErie does not allow dogs for both the safety of your pet and the attendees. However, certified service animal are permitted.

What if it rains?
CelebrateErie is a rain or shine event. Though we are crossing our fingers for a warm and sunny weekend, we know that Erie weather can be temperamental to say the least. In case of rain or inclement weather, please keep in mind that some programming areas may be delayed or cancelled.

In this circumstance, we recommend stopping by some of the incredible downtown establishments partnering with CelebrateErie this year to wait out the rain and enjoy some local specials and entertainment! Check them out here.

Will there be fireworks at CelebrateErie this year?
There will not be an official CelebrateErie fireworks display this year. Our team decided to focus our resources on the unique local food, culture, art, and music programming to showcase the best of Erie.

We felt it was more important to have the largest fireworks display of the summer in celebration of Independence Day on July 3 at Lights Over Lake Erie. If you still want to see fireworks that weekend, the Erie SeaWolves will feature fireworks at UPMC Park following their 7:05 p.m. game on Saturday, Aug. 18. Check out for more information.

My company wants to sponsor CelebrateErie. How can we do that?
Absolutely! CelebrateErie wouldn’t happen without our sponsors. Check out our sponsor page and fill out an application. We’ll be in touch shortly.

I have an opinion about CelebrateErie. Who can I tell?
Please let us know! Contact us. Our team will read every message.