Want to join the celebration as a vendor, food vendor, performer, or Chalkwalk artist? You can submit your request to participate in CelebrateErie 2020 here. Application Deadline Extended to May 1, 2020.

Before you apply, please know:

  • Not all applicants who apply are guaranteed to participate in CelebrateErie.
  • All performers and vendors are objectively selected based upon level of quality, family-friendliness, and uniqueness to Erie.
  • Deadlines cited in the application process as April 17, 2020 will be extended to May 1, 2020, due to delays caused by COVID-19.  
  • You can find information about COVID-19 and how it affects CelebrateErie here.

Vendors, Food Vendors, Activities:

  • All vendor and activity setups are required to interactively engage attendees through activities, demonstrations, and/or retail.
  • CelebrateErie is not a good fit for raffles, fundraisers, or tradeshow-style booths used to hand out information.
  • There will be a $250 charge for vendors (anyone selling a product or promoting a service), a $750 fee for food vendors, and no charge for activity providers (anyone not selling a product or promoting a service).  
  • Vendors, Food Vendors, and Activities – APPLY HERE.


  • Performers may include musicians, dancers, magicians, yoga, martial arts, or other performing arts entertainment.
  • Please gather the following before applying: stage plot, input list, and links to samples of work (live performances preferred) on YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms. If you cannot provide samples of work, you will not be able to apply. 
  • If accepted, performer payment will be negotiated individually with our production coordinator.
  • Performers – APPLY HERE

Chalkwalk Artists:

  • Chalkwalk artists who submit artwork by June 5, 2020 will be commissioned $250. Artists who do not submit artwork by June 5, 2020 will be commissioned $200.
  • Before you apply, please prepare three samples of work from your portfolio for digital upload (PDF or JPEG preferred). 
  • New in 2020, Chalkwalk artists will not be permitted to complete more than one mural to provide more opportunities for other artists to participate.
  • Chalkwalk Artists – APPLY HERE