Want to join the celebration as a vendor, food vendor, performer, or Chalkwalk artist? You can submit your request to participate in CelebrateErie 2019 here:

  • Ultimately, CelebrateErie’s goal is to put together an event that is uniquely Erie and that celebrates local art, business, culture, food, and families. Before applying, please be aware:
    • Not all applicants who apply are guaranteed to participate in CelebrateErie.
    • All performers and vendors are objectively selected based upon level of quality, family-friendliness, and uniqueness to Erie.
    • All vendor and programming setups are required to interactively engage attendees through activities, demonstrations, and/or retail.
      • CelebrateErie is a good fit for demonstrating artists, unique cuisine, local small businesses, and cultural performances, to name a few.
      • CelebrateErie is not a good fit for raffles, fundraisers, or tradeshow-style booths used to hand out information.

Our team does its best to balance diversity of offerings to avoid overlap of vendors and performances genres.